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The Human Underwater Society


Born from the soul of the Polynesian underwater world to open our eyes and share its lights.

The human being is our point of entry, the heart of our motivation. We want to improve the human condition, improve individual freedom on our own planet by using the unsuspected potential of this global experimental constraint represented by the problems of penetration and evolution of man in the underwater environment.
It is our prism, for a better understanding of the relationship between man and water, water and life. It is our catalyst, our experimental constraint. We know that underwater life is a very distant prospect, but the most important in this vision is not necessarily the objective, it is to invest in this path which is essential for our future. No one can say all that can be revealed about him for future generations.
This is the reason for our action, after the subject Human the What and the Where, now it is the scale and the final destination of this initiative. We believe that this thematic field will make it possible to generate new complementary or alternative solutions, to serve many sectors of our societies such as health, the environment and the economy for many situations and in particular for island and coastal populations.

“Come to (H)us”

We are a collective of engineers, project managers, scientifics, diving instructors, doctors, PhD, all passionate by a unique cause

“Nothing can be done without YOU”

Get involved in technologies for our future

Our Vision

Technologies provided through research and development dedicated to individual immersion in underwaterspace issues have an unsupected potential for provide solution in multiple sectors of ours societies  This angle of view have been neglected from the 70’s, certain technological thresholds had not yet been crossed and economic engine which support first research pulled out. As consequence of worldwild oil crisis and progress in robotics which became more efficient than human face the objectives of those companies.  From this point, improving human capacities of immersion has been becoming science fiction, and the market was confined to some passionate people mainly for leisure, and military.  Despite of their economic potential, their obviously benefits for science, medecine… Today, those research suffered from a total lack of finance support and visibility. We are convinced that wealth of knowledge and experience contained in this angle of view miss ours societies and time is coming to invest means at scale of stakes related for treat those issues through a global approach towards impulse a new dynamic in those fields. To be efficient we propose a framework, guidelines and gradual economic vision to tackle the next step of humans uses of underwater space. a vision and an operational strategy for science and technological development a vision and an operational strategy for economic and market development a vision and an operational strategy for communication and awareness development It’s about relation between man and water – between water and human life We have different scenarii for move on what we want accomplish, calibration of our actions and speed of their effect, will be dependant of level of funding.  


We are without prejudice Innovators- We are open to all form of Collaboration –  We ‘re focus on tangible results


We are joining forces with top and well-known educational institutions around the world. Our first partnerships with UCLA and ESIEE pave the way for excellence. All goodwill is welcome and we are very attached to developing tailor-made partnerships. A guarantee of independence from any government and an international network for all disciplines and better protection of intellectual property for our partners.

Leverage use

We hope to soon match your funds with contributions from a new distributed ledger. Each donation, however small, will support this so important technological path on a planetary scale which will allow the emergence of alternative and complementary solutions. With your support we will build the foundations of an ecosystem that will allow the birth of a new economy linked to human interactions with water on his own planet.


We are not focus our effort on one isolated industrie or one issue specific to a single use, we are looking for key cross sectorial technologies, hinge technologies with a global approach. Our choices also include the research of synergy  between each of our projects of growth relay and ours actions.

Result Oriented

Your donation are used for tangible and effective action. We put your money right in the action which serve le relais de croissance or action the most relevant for get result. We focus on short and long term impact. In fine, it means following a strategy of scaling promoting new technology product line synergic in open space to serve stakes related.


We need economic and social change,  in order to create an unprecedented dynamic for all sectors of economy and society, by changing  priorities. It’s about need to reduce environmental disaster generated by nature or manmade, predictable or unforeseeable as atmospheric pollution sanitary, chemical or magnetic, climatic… it’s about need to absorb future demography movements , to explore and know our own planet before reaching another.

A New Starting Point

To reach a point, we have to start somewhere ! In our case the way consists in exponential number of growth relay. To anticipate the next great challenge humanity will face, beyond fatality and skepticism, we need a starting point now for an exhaustive framework and an unprecedented scale of mobilization to create the first organization dedicated to underwater human life. We are pushing it forward because nobody else do it but us, we are convinced it is a dangerous lack to the global scientist entreprise… Underwater world needs human presence, it needs witnesses regarding the number of underwater industrial project in building and coming, before than the ecosystem would be too much damaged…


HUS is a non-profit organization has been created because no one believe of an underwater future for mankind anymore. Our institution are dependent of industrial leadership and preservation stakes, the thematic we promote disappear behind robotic for deep sea exploration and mining exploitation, military or energy production, non-profit in those field are invaded by pure player in environment preservation . Public, private, great donation funds allocation are centralized still in same direction. We are driven by the conviction that only an independent non-profit can stay the course and the act for enlighten the way by proposing a policy and program in the matter, an operating mode and projects, hoping government will understand quickly that these thematic need a new public agency for lead and train this new thematic field.

Human Values

We are focused on increasing individual underwater capabilities, we believe this will play a crucial role in the sciences of tomorrow and contribute to solving the next great challenges that humanity will face. It is about preserving individual freedom, expanding our field of action and our area of expansion. This starting point helps to shape the future of humanity, it is about anticipating the corollaries of the loss of freedom. It is also a question of accompanying some of the wonderful projects in development, of supporting and supplementing them, for future generations, to avoid falling into humanly insoluble moral choices.


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