Be involved and impactful, don’t always let the same powers decide our technological future.

Donate to create a pragmatic and independent generator of alternative solutions on the scale of mankind issues.

You can also contibute through your skills , your means, your time or simply your committement on social networks to help us to impulse a dynamic in those field.

It is about focusing on a more affordable space with a potential result more useful in the short term for humanity, but complementary and also necessary than the conquest of space

…………………………. and do it NOW ……. before that man pollutes the water and the depths of the oceans irreversibly, as much as it would become impossible to do so.

“Nothing can be done without YOU”

It is only through a broad adhesion that we will succeed in making bend the technological path which one traces for us, be involved in the choice of the technologies which will be developed for our future, do not let yourself be imposed all these choices systematically without reacting.

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Your are teacher, university or college manager

You are webmaster, graphist, artist, writter, journalist, scenarist, realisator or traductor

Or, simply passionate by the theme of developping the technologies to enhance Human immersion abilitilies.

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