The Human Underwater Society

A new dynamic to promote increased human underwater autonomy and to benefit the people

« Time is coming to tackle the next step of man emancipation in underwater space. »

The Human Underwater Society offers a global framework, guidelines and an economic perspective to initiate the next step of human conquest of the underwater environment and resources.

We aim to implement a strong operational strategy to boost the development of underwater technologies and to launch market opportunities benefiting not only to coastal and island population but also to all citizens of the world.

Back to origins

Reaching the missing link to unwrap an ocean of alternative solutions

Our Project Scope

Focusing on : systems – materials – processes

The Individual autonomy

Preservation of our physical integrity
biometry monitoring, studies on limiting factors impacts.

Improvement of our perception and interaction in environment, new sensors – new interfaces between man/machine/signal in water.

Improvement of our individual physical mobility

The Underwater Transportation

The Underwater Habitat

We believe that these aspects will play a major role in the evolution of sciences that govern us and will contribute to the resolution of the next great challenges humanity will face It’s about relation between man and water – between water and human life

The Rua Hatu Park

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Rua-Hatu Park « The Tahitian Park of underwater technologies »

An emulation complex on the themes of humans immersion  :

– a public exhibition and entertainment center dedicated to the awareness of local population and visitors

– a new touristic spot to increase the offer for foreign and local visitors

– an innovation center with a fab-lab and an incubator (to design, to assemble and to test new devices)

– a health center (which will concentrate on rehabilitation, sport and wellness)

– a training and educational center

Our Roadmap

The importance of our task requires a wide framework, growth opportunities, long-term perspective and unprecedented funding

Supporting R&D

We retrieve, ensure financing and support, studies and R&D in the field of sciences & breakthrough technologies with relevant potential dedicated to human and material immersion. A strategy and framework to boostthe placing on the market of technologies through the creation of growth relay

Build Emulation areas

We aim to maximize the potential of the strategic branch expertise and will erect dedicated facilities through our thematic building project to converge and share knowledge which will contribute to the development of island and coastal population through technology transfer adapted to their specific issues.

Raising public awareness

Educate all publics to the importance of the research on human immersion for many sectors of the society.
Developing educational multimedia tools, events and contents. Propose a new touristic offer in French Polynesia.

The Laureates

HUS Prize Engineering&Design


The Human Underwater Society organizes several contests highlighting the innovative work of developers

– The HUS Prize Design & Engineering, launched in 2016

– The HUS Prize Architectural

– The HUS Prize Media & Education

Long Term Perspectives

Through « man in water » thematic, we aim to raise public awareness on  small insular state concerns and to benefit any offered contribution.

Acting on an International Scale

An enlarged market

A new intersectoral platform

The convergence point of a Worldwide network

As the first underwater agency, we work towards the development of a great international trans-disciplinary program dedicated to man in water as it exist for man in space.

Intending to guarantee equal access to a first meter square of underwater space, we are taking the challenge to democratize the market on a large scale.

We are working to build new technology bridges between underwater purposes and uses in other sectors such as health, environment and industry.

We are erecting a fully dedicated thematic place in a country as symbolic as French Polynesia to spread this technology to the public in general and in particular to the local population thus contributing to their development and enhancing their international exposure .

They are with HUS

Air Tahiti Nui

Partenaire de HUS


Ecole Partenaire

Cluster Maritime

Polynesie Francaise



Crédits images : Tahiti 3D, Graphiste Partenaire de HUS

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